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Good Friday

Immerse into Good Friday

Good Friday, also called Holy Friday or Great Friday, is the most somber day of the entire Church calendar.  On this day many Catholics cover their mirrors, extinguish candles, and refrain from celebratory activities.  All of these help to foster a sense of mourning and prayer.

Facts to Know About Exorcism

Exorcisms tend to be that hush idea that no one talks about, sort of like that uncle that ran moonshine during prohibition. The fact is, every diocese has an exorcist, there is a school of exorcism in the Vatican, and spiritual warfare is on the rise by both the faithful laity and exorcists.

Here are some bits of information that may help you understand this ancient rite of our Church.

True: There are two different forms of exorcism, major and minor.

St. Michael Chaplet

Angels are valuable friends to humanity. They are creatures of pure intellect, messengers of God, attendants, and often appear as humans to carry out their missions. Some people have seen their guardians and have been told their names. God created nine choirs of angels. Of those choirs are the Archangels, the highest rank of the choirs.


As Catholics we understand we can experience Christ in several ways: through the deposit of faith in the Church, through scripture, through the sacraments, through each other, and through mystics.


And the Heavens Were Made

     Throughout the course of the history of Holy Mother Church we have been told that Catholics do not believe in scientific facts or, more recently on our calendar, one cannot believe in God and science, too. Neither of these statements is true. As a matter of fact, MANY scientific proofs and understandings have been brought to the world by the Catholic Church; more specifically by Catholic priests.

Siblings of Jesus

The Gospel of Mark 3:32-35 is a passage that gives fuel for Protestants to believe Mary was not a perpetual virgin. This thought is the heresy of helvidianism that argues the very point of this passage, albeit wrong. Helvidius was an author before 383 AD and wrote a book claiming Mary and St. Joseph had marital relations and other children.1


Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

There are few pastimes more entertaining than a good movie and hot, fresh popcorn. Everyone has their favorite actors, genres, even movie lines and there is always room for a new option. In 2004 the publication National Catholic Register compiled a list of 100 pro-Catholic movies. Perhaps you will find a new favorite, or an old friend in the list. As summer approaches there might be a fun movie night lurking on the list.


Lights, Camera, Action - Take 2!

Lights, Camera, Action - Take 2!

Last week we read the first 50 of 100 pro-Catholic movies published in a 2004 publication of National Catholic Register. Here are 51-100.


WARNING: Not all of these movies are family-friendly. Movies with asterisks are known to have adult content. (NCR)